A bail bond is simply a way to hold someone charged with a crime accountable to come back to court. Whether innocent or guilty, everyone is entitled to bail under the 8th Amendment.

    If you or someone you know is arrested, the what you're charged with will determine the amount of the bond you will need to pay to get out of jail.

    A Burbank bail bond is essentially a way to pay a fraction of the entire bond amount to the courts. This savings allows you to use otehr money you would have spent on bond to go towards a lawyer, food, rent, etc.

    Please follow along to the FAQ about bail on this page. It will answer any other questions about Burbank bail bonds you may have.

  • How Much is Bail in Burbank?

    • The amount of bail is set by the court. It could be $500 or $5,000,000 - its based on the severity of the alleged charge.
    • Using a bail bondsman, you will only pay 8 - 10% of the entire bond amount. Example: If your bail is $10,000 then your bond may be $800 - $1000 depending on the bondsman near you that you choose.
    • What about "Zero Down Bail"? 0 Down bail is a possibility, but you have to prove you own your own home, have a steady work history, family in the area, etc.
    • If my friend skips town and I'm the cosignor, am I in trouble? No, you're not in trouble, but you wil l be held responsible for the entire amount of the bond. Example, if the bond was $10,000, you will owe the bondsman $10k if the person you signed for runs away. Keep in mind that a bail bond is like an insurance policy. You're paying a "premium" instead of the entire bond up front.



The Burbank Police Department began in 1911 and was called the City Marshal's office until 1927. It was then renamed the Brubank Police Dept. Station has 5 major divisions (Patrol, Investigations, Admin Services, Support & Services and Budget & Finance)

If your friend or loved one is unable to post bail in Burbank, they will be transferred to the Men's Central Jail in Los Angeles County; and you don't want them to got there. It's imperative that you get them released from the Burbank jail before they are taken to LA County jail.

Burbank Police Department

200 N 3rd St, Burbank, CA 91502
Phone: (818) 238-3000

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